1KG Loose Catnip


Fresh 1KG loose catnip


Super Strong Loose Catnip

Your feline friends will totally enjoy our catnip

Ideal for toy making or simply to refresh
their existing toy or cat post.

Country of origin in America.

Interesting Catnip Information:

Latin Name: Nepeta cataria
Plant Family: Lamiaceae

Other Names: Catnep, Catswort, Catrup, Field Balm, Nep, Cataire, Chataire, Herbe à Chat, Herbe aux Chats, Hierba Gatera, Menta de Gato & Menthe des Chats.

Description: Catnip is an aromatic, herbaceous perennial, native to Europe and now found growing in North America; which reaches a height of 30cm–1 metre.

The branching stems are square and covered in fine hairs as are the leaves which are opposite; triangularly-ovate, heart-shaped with short stalks (petioles), the leaves are 2.5-7cm in length,

greyish green in colour and the edges are bluntly toothed. The 2-lipped flowers are white in colour often with reddish-purple dotted markings and are 10-15mm in length and grow in dense clusters at the ends of the stem branches.

Brief History: Catnip was grown by the Romans and used as a medicine and also as a culinary herb, during the middle-ages the herb was used to treat leprosy and the Elizabethan’s were fond of drinking catnip tea until camellia Sinensis found its way to the English teacup.

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Weight 14 g


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